Cosmic Inspiration.

In what might be to some, a futile effort to dispel the popular assumption that the students of science know nothing about emotions but dry logic and syllogistic hair splitting, I contrived the following quatrains to show that we also, as Stephen Hawking said “need love, care and warmth”.

It is open for criticism but I know some masters of the art would just dismiss it as “unconventional” but, during his lifetime, Ralph Waldo Emerson would have none of their judgements because he believed that originality is better than conventionality. I am also convinced of my “jumbles” because whatever; they bare out, good or bad, the actual contents of my heart.

Here we go:

1. Still It is One that It Was
‘ch now seems two Is One as It Was
Delusion then has it cast
Many shadows of One that Was

2. So my Sweetheart let us go
Even as shadows, hands clasped let us go
Into the Cosmos we shall go
Back to the Cosmos we shall go

3. I shall never let go of You
Nay, I get bemused by the words I and You
Fallen off the shadows I see only I and You
Just a vision of You in I and I in You

4. I love that I got this mad
So I no longer know what is man
Shadows of the Self on Self Land
Inspired, the shadow thinks is man

5. Whenever I say I is a moment of delusion of
of a shadow of Thine
An alone but never lonely shadow I
Know Thy shall send a lone pair of mine
Complimentary shadows shall Combine

6. Thou shall bring yin and yang
When all shadows You rip apart
Then, real shadows see no part
But only the One that Was

7. In the annihilated shadows is set
The real Cosmic journey with no end
All shadows then must end
No more shadow shall have a grain

8. A burning desire I ask of You
Absorb and dissolve I into You
When none shall Be but You
I desire no place but in the Core of You.


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